Technology shouldn't be such a challenge...lost the first blog post already. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. The King has a plan called the self-sufficiency economy...the basic idea is to work so one has enough to be comfortable without overextending one's self financially. How much one needs is a personal decision. I know that I live a very spoiled life. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, a truck to drive and my college educated daughter is just a phone call away. Every day, by just noticing the Thais who work harderfor less, I am easily grateful for what I have. I want to help others earn a living. I want to get more quilts into the hands of children. Children who have very little appreciate the bright, colorful quilts. Several years ago, I helped to distribute the quilts at the Children of the Forest free school in Sangkhlaburi. It was amazing to see this children wrapped up in the quilts. Some immediately put the quilts away in their bags so they wouldn't lose them. We had to coax them to bring them back out so we could take pictures. More & more, I see people with more wanting to help people who have less...micro-loans are the current way to do this. To create that win-win situation, I want to hire people who want to have a sewing business. Start-up is the hardest time. My idea is to pay them to sew my quilts so that they have a small income while they are building their business. The goal is for them to have a thriving business and not need me to hire them and then I can move on to help someone else. The idea is to link with existing organizations who make micro-loans. Then the other part of the puzzle is having people who also want children to have quilts but may not have the time or skill to donate funds to pay for labor & supplies. Any amount is welcome, but I estimate that each quilt would cost about 1000 baht or $30US. It's a double win as contributions go to helping someone earn a living and also giving a child a quilt.

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