Winding up my stay in the, back in Bangkok on the 29th. Just an update...I attended the Project Linus Institute in Peoria, Illinois last month. I was able to meet the founder of Project Linus and the current ladies that head up the project. Also learned great information from PL chapter coordinators who came from all over the U.S. Lot's of ideas on how to take the next step in providing quilts to children in Bangkok. To offset the costs of attending the conference, I did bring some Thai handicrafts and fabrics to sell. The silk mudmee yoyo scarves were a hit. Since I have a "few" leftovers, I've taken a table at a local sale in Rockford for this Saturday. The local sale is being held in support of a local homeless project. If you have friends in the Rockford/Chicago area, ask them to show up to do a little early holiday shopping. Details are Saturday, August 20, 10 to 3, The Clock Tower, 7801 East State St., Rockford IL.


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